An open letter to the ‘No’ support

An open letter to ‘No’ voters

Hello, I’m writing this, as I find it difficult to understand your arguments.

Over the years this campaign has gone on, and the weight of evidence that has been produced, I am curious as to why you have come to the conclusion to vote no.

Is it that you believe that Westminster will finally listen to Scotland?

Even though over the campaign the pro-union campaign have contradicted themselves on so many occasions it is comical when they do it now.

They have openly lied to you, then denied that they did so even when there is video of them doing it.

They have openly stated that Scotland will be denied a share of things she part owns all the while demanding she pay off their debt.

They have patronised you, belittled you, hidden things from you, smeared your country and have sought to use a campaign based purely on fear, negativity and speculation.

Basing their arguments on “this might happen”, “this could happen”, “potentially this” and “maybe that”.

Helped along with a biased and corrupt main stream media.


Do these papers look like they’re promoting an unbiased agenda?

Surely if they were those headline would read more along the lines of “Every vote matters”



Or do you buy into Blue Labour’s newest fallacy of “solidarity” with the rest of the UK?

Where was the solidarity with Scotland when we got the poll tax a year early?

Where was it when our industry was destroyed?

Where was it when our land was sold off to the Lords that occupy that unelected chamber?

Or when Scotland’s natural resources were taken to give tax cuts to the rich, illegal wars in the middle east and vanity projects for London?

Solidarity shouldn’t end with the people on this island of Britain. According to George Galloway I have more in common with a fishmonger in Liverpool than I have with Alex Salmond, and to that extent he is correct. But I also have the same things in common with fishmongers from Dublin, Belfast (I know its still the UK but not on the island of Britain), Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Lisbon, Boston, Toronto, Sydney, Kiev, Oslo and so on.

Being tied in a political union with the rUK is not solidarity, its suicide.

Look around you, look at what the union has done to Scotland.

Foodbanks, Pawn Shops, Wages not rising with inflation which equals a wage cut, Public Services sold off to rich pals of the establishment parties and the systematic dismantling of the Welfare State.

The very thing that truly made Britain Great, look at it now.

Benefit sanctions for being 2 minutes late for your appointment even if it wasn’t your fault.

Workfare – where you work full time for private companies for job seekers allowance.

Is this Better purely because we’re Together?

The NHS was the envy of the world, now private corporations are circling the English branch like vultures waiting for it to finally die so they can pick off what remains.

The only way for Scotland to keep hers public is to take money from other areas like education, policing and some sections of transport.

Is this really the legacy you want to leave for future generations?

“Look kids, look what I did. I voted No in the referendum. Our NHS is still free but due to Westminster’s austerity binge it now costs thousands to educate you cause we have no money left to fund public education. Crime is rampant because we can’t afford to police the country properly and income inequality is at its highest level since Queen Victoria was on the Throne, but its ok kids. We’ve got Europe’s largest concentration of nuclear weapons just down the road. We’re no longer part of the EU, so if by some miracle you scape together enough money to move country, you’ll need to apply for a visa because the Free Movement of People clause no longer applies to us”

“Why did you do this? Why is the NHS free but education isn’t?”

“Well, in order to keep the NHS free the Scottish government had to take money from other places. Also at the time of the referendum Scotland’s First Minister was a man called Alex Salmond. But the establishment parties didn’t like him because he spoke of how things could be different if we only believed in ourselves to make our own decisions, but I was doing ok at the time of the referendum so I didn’t want change. Now though …….”

“Was it this Salmond that took us out the EU and focused on austerity?”

“No, it was the establishment parties that did that, but the man on the telly told me that Salmond was lying and I was to vote No. So I did. Now enough questions, eat your cereal.”

On the 18th September you have 1 vote.

You have 1 chance to change and shape a nation.

Will you waste it?


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