Better Together’s latest falsehood (NHS)

Douglas Alexander endorses this video, he wants people to tweet and re-tweet it. Though here’s what a Labour Doctor has to say about it. 



What this doctor says it true, the video is filled with subtle half truths and spin.

Now discover the threats to the NHS.

They are called the Barnett Formula and the Trans Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)

For every £10 cut from England’s public spending budget £1 is taken off Scotland’s too. This, we have no control over. If England keeps going the way its going with its NHS then it will be fully privatised within 5-10 years. This will remove £12 Billion from Scotland’s block grant – regardless of how much we generate in tax. £12 Billion is the annual running cost of Scotland’s NHS.

Scotland currently finances the NHS via the block grant generated by the Barnett Formula. For Scotland to keep the NHS is public hands it must take money from other services in order to finance it. So education, policing or transport would have to suffer.

This said, if Scotland does vote no our NHS will be put up for sale from under us, due to TTIP.

This allows American multinationals to sue governments for lack of profit if governments refuse to sell off their public services.

The courts they will be taken to are not regular courts where a judge sits. The panel is made up of lawyers. Corporate lawyers at that – the lowest of the low. They’re even lower than ambulance chasers.

TTIP would not be allowed to touch Scotland’s NHS if Scotland is independent, as they can not sue for not being allowed into a public service if there is an existing state monopoly, but if Scotland votes no these laywers will argue, and they’ll be successful at it too, that Scotland had its chance to be a separate country and it refused, so if the rest of the UK’s NHS has been opened to privatisation then Scotland’s should be too.


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