BBCs damage limitation of BTs latest falsehood

Tesco “play down” claims its prices will rise in Independent Scotland when actually they said “I can confirm that this is not true” in response to an alert customer’s inquiry about campaign literature from the Better Together Campaign which implied that food shopping would increase by 16% in an independent Scotland.

“Tesco said that higher labour and energy costs, along with government levies on certain products such as wine, pushed up some prices in Irish supermarkets.

But the company insisted that “some items of fresh produce, meats and other household items” were actually cheaper in Tesco’s stores in Ireland than in its stores in the UK.”

So very selective items were chosen for the ‘mock receipt’ shown in the campaign booklet under the title “random basket of shopping”. So not that random then eh?

Firstly Ireland is an island, it costs more to ship things produced on the island of Britain to the island of Ireland than it does to transport goods produced in England and Wales to Scotland.

Secondly someone should inform BT that producing campaign literature known to be false is illegal in the UK under electoral law. Though I doubt any actual consequence will come of it. They’ve not even apologised.

Better Together’s false “fact” was sent to homes in Scotland coincidentally when people were casting their postal vote, and what demographic is more likely to take a postal vote I hear you say? Yip, you’re right. The pensioners. You know, those with the lowest state pension in Europe. Who have precious little money to spend so any increase in any prices is devastating for them.

Dirty, underhand, scaremongering tactics. What’s new?

We’re still waiting on an apology to Great Ormond Street Hospital (granted that was Vote No Borders – the astroturf campaign headed by a Tory donor based along with the registered campaign of VNoB in London, which pretended it was “grassroots” and the voice of real people of Scotland. Quoting people from the imaginary area of Pollock in Glasgow.) NHS Blood and Transplant – which they said cross border blood donations and organ transplants will cease to exist after independence, which was disputed by all NHS services across the British Isles. An apology to pensioners for saying pensions will be adversely effected by indy even though pensions minister Steve Webb stated on record in 2013 that pensions would be unaffected by independence as they have paid into the UK system. All people of Scotland for constantly telling them they can’t use the currency currently in their pockets today if we vote Yes, only for their campaign leader to eventually concede that “of course we could use the pound”

Yes lies, lies and more lies just about sums up their entire campaign.


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