No More Lies

outstanding breakdown of BTs newest lie leaflet

A Wilderness of Peace

Your metal soundtrack for the post is provided by Iron Maiden

To anyone who’s only just becoming involved in the campaign for Scottish Independence, it can be extremely difficult for longtime campaigners, or even folk like me (I only really started campaigning properly about the time the referendum was announced), to elucidate to complete newcomers exactly what it’s all about. There’s just so much to say! Democracy, accountability, equality, social justice, environmentalism, identity, anything and everything. It’s particularly difficult when undecideds bring up the “big issues” as dictated to them by the UK establishment: what currency will we use? What about our pensions? What about jobs? All things you’ll read in Better Together literature.


So I got this through the door yesterday. Crumpled, bashed, rudely handled, I dared to imagine the courier: an angry youth? An impatient jobseeker? A Liverpudlian bussed up courtesy of Anas Sarwar? Whoever it was, they…

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