Vote Yes


1 – Every politician in Holyrood is elected by the people of Scotland. If you’re referring to the SNP majority government then they won a majority of votes, from the people of Scotland.

2 – They were elected to follow this agenda, again, by the majority of people who voted in Scotland.

3 – From opinion polls back at the time, currently opinion polls have Yes and No almost at neck and neck now. So it would appear that support has grown once people were actually made aware of the case for Independence.

4 – They were elected to vote on these matters. What happens in politics is : parties produce manifestos and present them to the public. The public then decides which one it likes best and votes for it with the hope that party wins and then fulfils its promises. I know this isn’t what happens at Westminster but the SNP thought they’d try something new in 2007 and people thought “wow, that was actually quite nice, we’ll have more of this in 2011.”

5 – The current government supports equality. What utter bastards ehh??

6 – No. No, they’re not. 1- Its not feasible 2- Its not practical 3- Just no

7 – Independence is going to affect your family values? So you won’t love them any more or what?

8 – London is already partly run by Brussels. Incidentally so are we at the moment, but we also have this extra layer called Westminster. It’s rather nasty, deceitful and corrupt though. I would really like to lose that. Think of the savings on MPs Salaries and Expenses plus the savings from HS2, London Crossrail, London Sewage System, Westminster Refubishment, Trident. We would no longer get charged 8.4% of the interest of the debt while we only get 4.9% of the actual money borrowed.

9 – Actually the next “grand scheme” for the current Scottish government is Prestwick airport, which it saved from closing earlier in the year. The government also plans to improve the transport in Glasgow, particularly with links to Glasgow International Airport. It is also up to us, the people of Scotland, to use citizen pressure on the government to spread industry throughout the country. Making sure all parts of Scotland share in our wealth. James Connolly once said “there’s no point in just changing the flag, you’ve got to change a bit of the system as well”. That’s what we’ve got to do.

10 – We don’t need to raise extra money, its about spending priorities.

11 – Financial Times 2nd February 2014 “an independent Scotland could expect to start with healthier state finances than the rUK” Standard and Poors (Global Credit Rating Agency) also in February “even excluding North Sea output, an independent Scotland would qualify for our highest economic assessment

12 – GERS figure dispute this. Sorry.

13 – We do export energy you know, in fact we export more than we use. The contribution of subsidy to the energy companies is included in the cost of the energy we sell.

14 – Give me 3 examples of that? Ok maybe that’s too many, 2? Maybe even just 1?

15 – The Yes campaign isn’t funded by tax payers. Its funded by donations. The No campaign might be funded by tax payers. I really wouldn’t put anything past them to be honest.

16 – No, they’re running the country. The Yes campaign is more than the SNP government you know. The Yes campaign is successful because of boots on the ground, genuine grassroot campaigning. It’s wonderful to see so many people caring about the future of their country.

17 – Again Yes Campaign is funded by donations not taxpayers.

18 – We have 4 of the top 200 universities in the world and are the most highly educated (per capita) nation in Europe.

19 – I highly doubt that.

20 – Again this pesky Financial Times report in February “Scotland would be £7 Billion better off independent. This equates to £1,321 for every man, woman and child living in Scotland.”

21 – They already exist. The only thing that will change will be the name of their employer. Even if that were true, would that make it not worth doing? Is that it? If it might seem like a bit of work don’t bother?

22 – We already own embassies. We’re joint owners of all UK national assets. We currently pay to staff those embassies also. It is taken from Scotland’s block grant before we even get it. It comes under the section “spent on Scotland’s behalf” in the GERS report.

23 – Well the mind favours creativity and aspiration. The very same things the Yes Campaign is all about.

24 – According to Oxfam, the “Status Quo” is on course to take the top spot in the league table of most unequal societies in the developed world. The Trussell Trust report showed that an additional 50,000 – 100,000 children will be pushed into poverty during the next parliamentary term of the Westminster parliament. Both Labour and Tories have stated they will continue the brutal austerity agenda.

25 – We know that, that’s why we’re voting Yes.

26 – Investment in Scotland is and has been consistently higher than anywhere else in the UK outside of London. Record investment in the North Sea and off the coast of Shetland with those new oil fields due to come online soon.

27 – Like American Independence, Canadian Independence, Australian, New Zealand’s Independence? How many CommonWealth countries were asking to come back under London rule? How many countries have ever asked to come back under London rule?

28 – Sounds a lot like small dick syndrome. Has a tiny cock so goes “awk Fuck It” and steroids up so it looks like a big hard man strutting all over the place. Rather like the UK with Trident don’t you think?

If we can be independent, why should we not be? Like every other country in the world. Also you kinda go against your whole English subsidy myth you threw in at number 12 there. Just sayin’

If not now, then when? Once London has paid for its new CrossRail, HS2, Sewage System and Refurbished Westminster? Once Trident is bought and paid for? Once the MPs have fiddled their expenses just one more time for old times sake? Wake Up !!

Now is your chance Scotland.

Carpe Diem

Alba Gu Bràth


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