The Electoral Commission guide book

Finally got my Electoral Commission booklet through today.

After reading it over the Better Together section is just lies, lies and lies.

1st of all they include a small section apparently from a “working mum” who says :

“I’m voting NO in September because I believe we can have the best of both worlds in Scotland. We can have more decisions made here and we can also have the strength and security of being part of the UK. Going it alone would be a massive leap into the unknown. Do I want to put my family’s future at risk just so the nationalists can get what they want? No Thanks.”

Right, now how many people outside the political sphere speak like that? The quote is attributed to a woman called Lisa Gardiner. Though this section reeks of Clare Lally round 2.

For those that may be unaware of have forgotten Clare Lally was the “ordinary working mum” who spoke at the Better Together event to mark 100 days to the referendum. Google then revealed that she was actually a Labour activist and had introduced Johann Lamont’s bid for Scottish Labour Leadership. She is also a carers champion on Scottish Labour’s Shadow Cabinet. Hardly an “ordinary working mum” more like “hardcore Labour activist” as the good Rev Stu Campbell put it so eloquently on STV.

Now I’m not saying this Lisa Gardiner is another Clare Lally, but the language attributed to her is eerily similar to Better Together propaganda. “Best of Both Worlds” “strength and security of being part of the UK” calling all Yes supporters “nationalists” even though there are Socialists and Green party members, traditional Labour voters and there’s even a few Tories there too. It’s really not about national identity, its about self determination. That’s why those who will vote in the referendum are the people who live here. The language is something anyone paying attention to the debate so far would be aware that Mr Darling and Mr McDougall are commonly known to use.

It then goes on to say :

“Voting for separation would be a huge leap into the unknown”

Seems rather simple and blunt until the next sentence.

“If we leave then we lose the strength of the UK pound. This would mean we pay more for our mortgages, credit cards and loans. If we leave we put out pensions at risk. If we leave we are risking big companies being forced to move south and Scottish jobs would be lost.”

How can something be “unknown” if you then go on to list all what you (hope people) believe will happen? Seems like you have a clear view into the future there guys. Too bad your campaign leader didn’t have this wonderful gift of foresight in 2008 eh??

Pound : Can’t stop us using it, also can’t stop us creating a new currency and pegging it to the pound (you know, the way the pound was pegged to the dollar for years), also can’t stop us from floating our own currency or joining the Euro. You don’t want to share the Bank of England, which was nationalised in 1946 so ehhhh we’re joint owners, then that’s fine. Enjoy all £1.5 Trillion of debt.

Pay more : 1st of all mortgages, credit cards and loans. Typical UK mentality. Lets get as cheap debt as we can get. Yayy. 2nd point is, the cost of these things depends on the individual’s ability to pay, not whether or not Scotland is in a political union with Westminster. 3rd and final point, even if Scotland did ditch Sterling, the value would remain the same. For instance, say Scotland adopted the Euro. Current exchange rates put the Euro at 1 Euro for 80p Sterling. So say you pay £600 per month for your mortgage, in Euro’s that would be 748.86. Looks like more but it’s still worth the same once you do the currency conversion. Also wages like mine £6.91 per hour would then be 8.62. Again looks like more but still worth the same value.

Pensions : Mr Steve Webb and Mr Iain Davidson would disagree that pensions are at risk in the event of Independence. dear God you can literally move to France just now and still draw your UK pension. How thick do they think we are?!

Companies moving : Awful big list of quotes and sources from what Business has actually said about Independence.

In short, the Better Together/No Thanks/ Whatever they are calling themselves today section of the Electoral Commission books is nothing I didn’t expect. Lies and Fear and some more Lies for good measure.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they were just honest, even for a day?


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