What staying in the United Kingdom “actually” means for Scotland

wonderfully informative deconstruction of the UK government’s propaganda

A wee Sovereign Scot

UK Govt pack of liesI just received a leaflet from the UK Govt.  Fancy that.  That leaflet is the UK Government’s big pitch to get us to stay with the union.  Let’s have a look…….

The picture on the front was nice, it was five children holding hands and running through a glen with smiles on their faces. At the bottom of the first page it had the words, “Information about the referendum on Scottish independence“.  Very good.


I opened it up. I was met with “A United Kingdom, A United Future“……well that’s novel idea nowadays, isn’t it?

On 18th September, you will be asked to make a big decision on the future of Scotland: to remain in the United Kingdom or to leave and become a separate state – permanently.”

“Permanently?”, I thought, why did they need to say that? Did they think at one time we…

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