An open letter to George Galloway


Hello George,


Last night (the 23rd of June 2014) I viewed you speak in Coatbridge via live stream and I was horrified by your words.


You spoke of division.


You brought up tired old and debunked myths.


You openly lied to the public.


You attempted to portray the independence referendum as the idea of 1 man who has pulled the wool over our eyes.


You resorted to petty name calling of Mr Salmond and Ms Sturgeon.


You belittled a people. Is it any wonder why people are getting fed up with you?


You spoke of religious hatred and how terrible it would be if Catholic schools were closed in an independent Scotland. I attended Catholic school for 13 years. I was baptised, made my 1st confession, communion and confirmation.


The primary school I attended was separated by a steel fence from a Protestant school.

Growing up in that environment, is it any wonder why religious tensions are rife in Scotland?

This gives the impression that Catholics and Protestants are somehow different from one another, and we need to be kept apart, when in reality they are not. Protestants have to eat and sleep just like me. They have to wash, clothe themselves, go to work and come home after their shift is over. Just like me. And just like you. Religious beliefs do not define a person, they are merely a small aspect of who they are as a whole.


This is not a path I would have choose. I would have much preferred for religion to be kept out of the school curriculum and the time devoted to science instead. This is why we have Churches, Chapels, Mosques and Synagogues after all. Freedom to pursue religious beliefs is fine if that’s your thing. That said Freedom to not pursue religious beliefs should also be fine and should not be thrust on a young impressionable child before they can even crawl.


You said if Scotland goes independent we would not be able to use our own money, and a race to the bottom in taxation would occur. This of course is a lie and I introduce you to Professor Andrew Hughes Hallett to prove the point.


You referred to Scotland post Yes not being what it was promised to us and that minorities would then become the subject of blame. Yet you ignore the simple fact, a Yes vote is not the end. It is the beginning of something more. A shaping of a land by ALL who live here, be they Polish, Muslim, those born in the rUK or elsewhere in the world and of varying religious beliefs. The Yes movement is inclusive and you would know that if you had bothered to look. RIC, National Collective, Yes LGBT, Asians for Yes, Labour for Independence, Women for Indy, Generation Yes, Scottish CND, Christians for Independence and Business for Scotland are but a few of the many pro-independence groups that are in existence. Then there are the political parties. You never stopped mentioning the SNP, but again you forgot (and I believe intentionally) the Scottish Green Party and The Scottish Socialist Party.


You spoke of traditional Labour values, most that live in Scotland would agree that those values are close to their heart. Though as I remember you were removed from the Labour party, when they were in majority government – a fact you also denied when you said “I have never been in government”.


The division you spoke of was Scotland/England, all the while ignoring the Welsh and the Northern Irish. They are part of the UK too. You would think that a would be protector of such a union would be aware of that, apparently not it would seem.


Scottish independence will not leave the rUK to forever Tory rule, only twice in the last 100 years has the Scottish vote influenced a general election.


Also have you seen New Labour policy recently? It was stated by a New Labour MP on the 22nd of June 2014 (the day before your meeting) on the Sunday Politics that they would be tougher than the Tories on welfare cuts. Hardly a serious alternative is it?


Instead an Independent Scotland will give Westminster a model that is too close to home that it can not ignore. Those in the North of England would be the 1st to see what we can achieve if things are done differently. They will demand the same from their elected officials. This would then filter down through England to Wales and across the sea to Northern Ireland.


The continued references you made to Alex Salmond being in the position of First Minister indefinitely is downright absurd. Most people voted SNP in the last Holyrood Election simply because they were the only party with a realistic chance of getting into Holyrood that were offering a referendum. Something you also lied about when you said “you could have voted for independence at any time in the last 100 years”. So why George, were all the pro-Union parties denying this opportunity? The answer is simple. Oil. Its Scotland’s Oil (as UNCLOS puts it in Scottish Territorial Waters) but it’s Westminster’s money.


The Westminster mentality is simple, if you have something they want, they will do anything the can to get it. Iraq being the most recent case that proves this.


You also stated that Alex Salmond refuses to debate anyone. Again a lie. If you had bothered to pick up a paper the day before you would have seen that Alex Salmond is going to debate with Alistair Darling.

Mr Salmond has never refused to debate anyone, he openly stated that he would debate anyone but David Cameron as the leader of the UK should be the 1st. Something Mr Cameron has refused to do.

If David Cameron is the person who will govern the UK if Scotland votes no, then why can’t he debate Scotland? Nigel Farage challenged Mr Salmond to debate. Wee Eck said he would debate with Farage, if Nigel was officially welcomed into the official Better Together campaign. Doesn’t sound unreasonable to me.


You criticised that the Scottish Government produced the White Paper. Well George when a party is elected, they are elected to follow through on their manifesto. I’m not a history expert but as far back as I remember Scottish Independence has always been in the SNP manifesto.


I used to respect you.


I respected that you were not afraid to speak for those without a voice in the political system and that you would happily get arrested by protesting at Faslane alongside Tommy Sheridan.


Now you campaign to renew these immoral and unusable weapons and to keep them stationed on the Clyde.


You speak of countries right to self determination, yet campaign to deny that right to your own.


You have shown yourself to be nothing more than a self serving, narcissistic, attention seeking hypocrite. You have betrayed all that you once claimed to stand for.


Growing up I always knew Westminster corrupted those who enter its halls, but I believed you had the strength of character to resist such corruption. I was wrong.

I doubt very much that this will reach you, and even if it does you will read the 1st few lines then ignore the rest.

That is what you seem to do, especially on Twitter.

Those that do not agree with you are ignored and blocked.

This is what feeds your Me Me Me nature, you only engage with those who look up to you.

There’s nothing like preaching to your own choir, and you would know what that is like.

Don’t you George?


Martin Sinclair



17 thoughts on “An open letter to George Galloway

  1. All sounds brilliant and spot on, apart from the bit about science replacing religion in the school curriculum. Why science? Why not music and art? Not everyone has a scientific mind, I was awful in science at school, much preferred being creative. In fact since all of those subjects, including science are already included in the curriculum, the only real thing that could replace it is philosophy, developing your own ideas about life and the world and the universe, surely the only proper antidote to organised religion is to be your own person. Sorry for going way off topic because other than that the whole argument was brilliant, and well done for getting Galloway telt! SAOR ALBA 🙂

    • I was used science as an example simply because I am fascinated by it. Many other people like yourself would choose a different subject. Philosophy would be a great choice too and as you point out its not already on the curriculum for young minds. Perhaps students could be given the choice as to which subject they would prefer to spend that time on, much in the same way that they pick their subjects for 3rd year? Awk don’t apologise lol and Thanks 🙂

  2. In short George Galloway, you are a dinosaur as far as Scottish (and English) politics is concerned. And although I don’t like cliches, so many of them describe you so aptly that they must be used. You used to be a contender but frankly you never achieved anything worthwhile. Now you are Yesterday’s Man, a has been except that you never arrived. I would recommend that you go back to your constituency in England and prepare for powerlessness after the next election.

  3. A very good piece Martin. I’m even more conflicted about George Galloway now. I always was and always will be voting Yes to independence and struggled to understand where GG was coming from with his “Just say Naw”. When George went to Washington how loudly I cheered when he had the temerity to pull the US chain. His understanding of the middle east genocide in both Palestine and Iraq is second to none. I get angry when people of the left seem to able to shed their left wing credentials with relative ease. GG appears to be of the same ilk.

  4. This man has been the biggest disappointment to me throughout this referendum debate. I respected him so much. I admired his “Bravery” in speaking out against injustice. I defended him after the embarrassing big brother debacle….. Now I see that it was all in the pursuit of fame and fortune. Sad times

  5. Couldn’t have put that better myself. Truth will hurt, GG will pretend not to have read it but he will, his ego will want to know what’s being said about him.

    • I know he’s read it, someone commented on Twitter that “George still wins” and George favourited that tweet. Still no response to the letter. Seems I was right, don’t agree with him and get ignored. He’ll only engage with people that will help inflate his ego. Sad really, I did used to really respect the man. How wrong I was to do so

      • Like many of the other respondents I too was a GG admirer but have come to be bitterly disappointed in him. This open letter sums him up perfectly – shame really.

  6. Decent piece but you reference to ‘Protestant’ schools dismays my. There are no such institutions. I assume that you mean nondenominational schools and your piece would carry more credence if you referred as such.

  7. All very well Martin,However ,you seen to be selective in your piece, as I too watched the whole thing.First of all Galloway is correct when he says he has never been part of a Government.He has been a member of Parliament for a party that is in Government,but never been a minister with portfollio, hence never been in Government.not difficult to understand,but does not suit your agenda,
    Interestingly,you mention the Scottish Green party, go and read there manifesto on Catholic Schools. As a confirmed atheist I have no truck with any religion,however I will defend there rights of any parent to have their children educated in any way they see fit.
    Here is just a few of the things he said that you chose not to discuss.
    George Galloway mentioned, Pensions! in John Swinneys own document he concludes that as they are going to scrap the Barnett formula, pensions will be linked to oil prices,and should oil prices lower,they will have a problem with their commitments to pensioners.That has come from the SNPs own finance minister, no one else.
    Lets move on to the so called race to the bottom,Im sure we would agree that with Independence we will most probably have a left of centre labour government with a population of 5 million people. Right next door ,you have a country of 60 million with a Conservative right wing business friendly government. Not hard to work out where any inward investment is going to go.
    I have to laugh when I hear yes Campaigners telling us we are not voting for Alex Salmond and the SNP !!!!!! REALLY ? please do not insult my intelligence, this country is a one man political circus,and we all know full well that Alex Salmond will be running the country given a yes vote,so please stop this pretense that you are not voting for him.
    Finally,and not surprisingly you fail to mention what he said about the Thatcher years, and is entirely true. The SNP withdrew their support for the Labour party in Westminster which caused a vote of no confidence in the Callaghan Goverment,and led to a Thatcher /tory goverment for 18 years. An SNP party that voted with the tories ! a party that would not even consider Devolution,and yet they vote with them to bring down a labour goverment and cosigned us to Margaret Thatcher!!!! so dont any one tell me a no vote is a vote for the tories. but of course that backfired on them spectacularly,when at the election they lost 9 of their 11 seats.

    • 1, George was in Government, he wasn’t in cabinet but still in Government. Being in the ruling party puts you in Government, backbench MPs are still in government, they may not have ministerial responsibilities but alas in government they are.
      2. Pensions – Now forgive me if I’m wrong here but did Gordon Brown when he was Chancellor in Westminster not raid the pensions pot? ohh dear, did a New Labour MP (Ian “bayoneting the wounded” Davidson) just confirm that pensions are safe???? Ohh yes he just did. Scotland, by the UK government’s own GERS figures pays a higher % in taxes than it receives in spending. On Independence, Scotland’s wealth stays in Scotland. Scotland more than pays its way. Here’s a businessman giving a brief outline of the economic case for Independence .
      3. Well inward investment is covered in the video by Mr McKee. You forgot that Scotland’s votes have influenced only 2 general elections in the UK. in the last hundred years. Feel lucky for 2015??
      But lets go through them since the 2nd world war shall we ……..
      Without Scotland’s vote the UK government would have :
      1945 – still have been Labour
      1950 – still have been Labour
      1951 – Still have been Tory
      1955 – Still have been Tory
      1959 – Still have been Tory
      1966 – Still have been Labour
      1970 – Still have been Tory
      1974 – Still have been Labour
      1979 – Still have been Tory
      1983 – Still have been Tory
      1987 – Still have been Tory
      1992 – Still have been Tory
      1997 – Landslide New Labour – Still have been New Labour
      2001 – Still have been New Labour
      2005 – Still have been New Labour
      Check it if you don’t believe me.
      In 2010 Scotland voted almost exactly the same way it had in 2005 and look what we’ve got now?
      In regards to the Thatcher government of 79, is it not the people who choose the government?
      The race to the bottom myth is exactly that, a myth. States in America have the ability to vary tax rates, they can drop or raise them, so why are the Republic states not doing substantially better than the Democrats states? It’s because as Professor Andrew Hughes Hallet puts it, people demand a certain level of public spending. The only way to do that is through taxation. He also goes on to say there are many ways to increase tax without raising them, you would know if you watched the link.
      4. Why do you “have to laugh” when we tell you its not about Alex Salmond? That’s like saying the American Revolution was all about Peyton Randolph. in September we vote for for who will choose our Govenment, the 5 million people who live here or the 58 million people (UK has a population of 64 Million people not 65 and the 64 million includes Scotland’s population) who live elsewhere in the UK.
      Yes the SNP withdrew their support from Labour, I wonder if that had anything to do with Labour being so damn undemocratic that they brought in the 40% rule and the dead were classed as No voters in the referendum for a Scottish Assembly????? Nah, I’m sure that was instantly forgiven and forgotten. Labour betrayed Scotland, so the SNP took their votes away, interestingly in 1983 Scotland voted Labour, the rest of the UK did not so Scotland got landed with another Tory government. You can’t blame the SNP for that. You can blame them for the 1st term in 79, yes but not the further 3.
      5. Yes I have read the Green Party manifesto. Though George wasn’t talking about the greens was he? No he wasn’t. He wouldn’t shut up about the SNP. It was the SNP that were going to close down catholic schools he was saying. His blind hatred of the SNP stopped him from even looking at the facts that the SNP could have closed down faith schools at any point since 2007, have they? Well my old secondary school is still standing and still has pupils in it, now what kind of school was that? Oh that’s right a Catholic school. Catholic schools are still up and running. Scottish Educational matters are already under Scottish control. So that’s another 1 good old George got wrong.

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