Michael Forsyth lets the cat out of the bag: Tory devolution promises are lies:

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Michael Forsyth exposes Ruth Davidson's 'devolution' lies Michael Forsyth exposes Ruth Davidson’s ‘devolution’ lies

Jo Coburn is caught red-handed lying on behalf of Better Together. And not for the first time. She tells license fee payers that there will be new devolution powers if only Scotland has the courage to vote against independence. She said that after her Better Together guest had just dismissed the idea, citing the notorious West Lothian Question to back up his rejection of additional powers.

Twenty two minutes into the latest edition of Daily Politics, we hear ex-Scottish Secretary, Michael Forsyth, say the following:

“But if we are going to talk about extra powers for Scotland, after Scotland has decided to remain in the United Kingdom, then that is not just a matter for Scotland; that is a matter for the United Kingdom as a whole.”….

And after a brief interruption from Jo Coburn, he elaborates: “If you are going to…

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