USDAW follows CBI’s lead

Trade Union backs UK


I have recently discovered that the trade union I am a member of (USDAW) has officially registered as a non party participant in the Scottish Referendum debate.


The Union made this decision, not by asking his members, but top level management took the decision alone.


This is disgraceful behaviour in my opinion.


It mirrors the sorry excuse of the CBI. Which is possibly why USDAW registered on the quiet.


While it is perfectly fine for the management of the trade union to support the UK, the registering and using members funds to actively campaign against Independence without the consent of its members is despicable.


USDAW has thrown its hat in with The Conservatives – who brought in so much anti trade union legislation throughout the years, New Labour – who didn’t repeal said legislation, The Lib Dems – who are nothing short of spineless (how long were they in coalition for until the trebled tuition fees again? Even when they ran on a manifesto of scrapping the damn things), UKIP – who lie in at least a morally grey area with their anti-immigration campaigning which borders and sometimes crosses racist lines, the BNP – openly racist, Britain First – racist and fascist, and infact all pro- UK parties.


This is an insult to USDAW’s members.


Buried in their site they state their reasons for backing the UK.


And what a laugh they are.


Their top 10 reasons are full of half truths and some are spin to hide the truth.


Here’s their reasons :


  1. Nationalists argue that an independent Scotland will continue to use the sterling as its currency. This means Scotland will be part of an economic Union with the rest of the UK over which it no longer has economic or political influence. Scotland will find itself in the same position as Greece, Portugal and Ireland, only instead of going cap in hand to Europe for help Scotland will be left to go cap in hand to the rest of the UK – the very same countries that an independent Scotland will have severed all social, political and cultural ties with.

  2. An independent Scotland would need to reapply to join the European Union. There is uncertainty that Scotland’s re-entry would be granted quickly, if at all, whilst there is absolute certainty, that an independent Scotland would be required to join the Euro as a condition of membership. (Source:Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, 12 September 2012)

  3. Two-thirds of Scottish exports are to England, Wales and Northern Ireland. (Source: Scottish Government)

  4. One in every five workers in Scotland is employed by English, Welsh and Northern Irish firms. (Source: HM Treasury)

  5. 31,000 Scottish Civil Servants work for UK wide Government departments. Like those based in Glasgow and responsible for the operation of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme for the whole of the UK. (Source: HMG Departmental Employment Statistics)

  6. The future of Scottish Banks was secured with a £470 billion bail out from taxpayers across the UK. (Source: Scottish Parliament Information Centre and National Audit Office)

  7. 800,000 Scots live and work in England and Wales without the need for papers or passports. (Source: General Registrar Office for Scotland)

  8. Being part of the UK ensures a seat at the UN’s top table alongside Russia, China and America. (The UK is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.)

  9. The pensions of 1 million Scots are guaranteed by the UK welfare system. (Source: DWP)

  10. Scottish Taxpayers contribute £53 billion to the Treasury’s Tax Bill annually. Scotland receives £63 billion of the UK’s overall spending. (Source: Scottish Government spending figures, GERS)


  1. Apparently we’re all “Nationalists”. Quick someone tell the Scottish Green Party, Labour for Independence Scottish Socialist Party etc that they’re all secretly SNP in disguise. I’m sure Partick Harvie, Allan Grogan, Tommy Sheridan and co will be stunned to hear this. It even glosses over the idea of a formal currency union. Even though the Guardian lay that to rest “of course there will be a currency union” – oops there goes scare story number 1. Also it assumes that Scotland will immediately fall to pieces, economically a least, straight away. Even though it gives no evidence to support this assertion. It goes on to say “an Independent Scotland will have severed all social, political and cultural ties” – Its the political union that will be severed, and about time too. The idea that families will not be families after a yes vote and that friends will no longer be friends is absurd and a rather foul piece if campaigning. Culturally, we will still laugh at the same jokes as those south of the borders, we will enjoy they same movies, theatre plays and concerts too. Simply because the organisations and companies that produce these things don’t really care about borders. They care about profit. So what USDAW are actually saying here is that an iScotland would be a social pariah. A Billy no mates and no-one will want anything to do with us if we vote Yes. How very nice of USDAW to say.

  1. Please show me where and in what treaty of the EU it says a country can be kicked out and forced to re-apply? Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Joelle Garriaud-Maylamthe threats formulated by Mr Barroso are inappropriate and the result of Spanish and English pressure. London is increasingly worried. They (the threats) are not credible. If Scotland votes for independence, it will stay in the European Union. It would be in England’s interest.” It really love the word she uses “stay” as in we’re not going anywhere. Also please show me where in these treaties it says Scotland can be forced into the Euro? Scotland doesn’t qualify for it.

  2. 2/3rds of Scottish exports are to rUK, which means that 1/3rd happily survives exportation outside of the UK. Anyone else see a chance to grow this market here?

  3. 1 in every 5 workers are employed by firms from EWNI, which means 4 out of every 5 workers are employed by firms from everywhere else other than EWNI.

  4. 31,000 Civil servants in Scotland work for UK wide departments. Now this one is really stupid. Would Scotland not still need people to do these jobs? Would these people become unemployed only for iScotland to recruit and train 31,000 people to do the jobs previously taken by the current 31,000? Or would the only thing that would change for these people is the name of their employer on their wage slip at the end of the month? Which one makes more sense to you?

  5. Banks – Yawn, learn how bank bailouts work will you please? Barclays and RBS both received bail out from the US Federal Reserve. They are bailed out depending on where they do business not where their headquarters is.

  6. 800,000 Scots live in the rUK without passports or papers – possibly but who seriously carries their passport around with them all the time? I work with people who have immigrated here from all over Europe. Ever heard of the Free Movement of People? Its one of the big things about the EU. Turn on the BBC or to give its proper name UKIP TV. They’re constantly going on about the hundreds of millions of people who have the right to come and live and work here. You only need a passport where there are border controls. Is this just a sneaky way of saying Scotland would be effectively closed off if we vote Yes?

  7. UN security council – blahhhhh who the hell cares about pretending the UK is a superpower? How do all those other countries survive without being a permanent member of the security council?? Oh wait they get on just fine.

  8. Pensions – Actually more affordable in Scotland. Plus even the most hardened unionists concede pensions would not be affected by independence

  9. Pay in £53 Million, get £63 ….. annually. Well I’m afraid that’s not true either. Scotland runs a deficit, yes it does. Just like the UK, America, Germany, France etc etc. The level of deficit varies in accordance with public spending. i.e. deficit may be £10m one year, £3m the next, could tail off and end in surplus the following year. To use the word annually is downright dishonest. Also the FT stated in February “an Independent Scotland could expect to start will healthier state finances than the rest of the UK” Standard and Poors also in February “even without North Sea Output, an Independent Scotland would qualify for our highest economic assessment” That’s a AAA rating, Know what the UK’s currently is? That’s right AA. An independent Scotland would be more credit worthy that the state that claims to be strong and secure and a “global success story”.


I have written to USDAW asking for information on cancelling my membership. I will not be a part of any trade union that uses my member fee for anything other than protecting workers rights. I will also be informing everyone in my place of work as to what is going on with the body that is supposed to represent them. How can they claim to represent the views of their members when they went and done a CBI and never bothered their backsides to even ask them. Westminster has shown what it thinks of trade unions with Mrs Thatcher’s now infamous “the enemy within”and successive New Labour majority governments downright refusal to repeal any of the anti-trade union legislation. USDAW has joined Westminster. The high ups are looking after themselves and their big wages while spitting on the values they are supposed to uphold.


It once again shows the nature of the UK system. Help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.



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