The Hypocrisy of “Gorgeous” George Galloway


Oh George, we’re not voting for an SNP led independent Scotland. We’re voting for an independent Scotland. We’re being asked to choose a system, not a party. We’ll vote for a party in 2016 at the Scottish elections. This is not an election, it is a referendum. That said I don’t know what he’s got against current SNP policy. Free Healthcare, free university education, no prescription charges, no charges for eyecare, protecting the free personal care for the elderly. Those do seem like good policies.


“Salmond has worked hard but you only have to scratch the surface on Catholic schools for example, they will not exist in 15 years after Scottish independence if it happens.” I was raised Catholic, I attended Catholic schools for 13 years. Having separate schools for different religions creates division. Schools should be there to educate, churches, chapels, mosques etc are there for religious fulfilment if anyone wishes to pursue that path.


“What I’m saying is that there is no contradiction whatsoever in supporting a united Ireland and an end to partition and supporting a united Britain and no partition” – There is no such country as Britain, never has been. Britain is an island which is home to 3 separate countries. Each with their own cultures, customs and languages.


“Galloway has no time for the notion that a vote for the SNP will eventually lead to a more socialist Scotland and suggests a more inward-looking and bigoted society is the reality.” – again the referendum is not about the SNP. The referendum question is “Should Scotland be an independent country?” not “Should Scotland be an independent country run solely by the SNP?”


“perpetual Tory government in England” only twice in the last 100 years has the Scottish vote influenced a Westminster election.


““They are not going to say ‘as soon as we get into power we will abolish ourselves so people can vote for whoever they like’” – No they’re not going to say that they will abolish themselves, but they have stated on numerous occasions to vote for who you want.


“Don’t vote no to stop the SNP, vote Yes to reclaim the labour party” – Nicola Sturgeon Deputy 1st minister and deputy leader of the SNP at the SNP conference 2014.


“You have to know that the first Scottish prime minister will be Alex Salmond and SNP will be there for a very, very long time — they will make sure of that and that’s what you have to be careful of.” – The Scottish Parliament runs on proportional representation, not the outdated 1st past the post of Westminster. There are no “safe seats” in Scottish elections.


“It’s nonsense on stilts.” original use of the phrase was Jim Sillars (SNP rather inconveniently for you George)


““People who define themselves as Catholics should be aware about creating an independent state in which the bigots and age-old discriminators are 12 times more powerful than what they are at the moment.” – now who is being sectarian and creating division??


““People should vote No because it will weaken people on both sides. Neo-liberalism will prevail on both sides of that new border. Standards and wages will be driven downwards” – there is no evidence to support that statement. Only evidence to disprove it.

(“The SNP are on a very dangerous tack. What they are doing is trying to build up a situation in Scotland where the services are manifestly better than south of the border in a number of areas.”

Interviewer Colin Mackay:”Is that a bad thing?”

Lord George Foulkes: “No, but they are doing it deliberately.”!!)


Though how dare George Galloway for this shameful hypocrisy. The man actively campaigns for every country’s right to self determination, while denying it to his own. Then he has the audacity to travel round Scotland, charging people so he can tell them they’re not good enough to run their own affairs. If he truly believe Scotland is better in the Union (notice its a union, not 1 big country) then why is he not giving out his message for free? The way the many grassroots organisations that are pro independence do.



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