Labour’s Devo Max slip up

In brackets is an extract copied word for word

(Interviewed by The Northern Echo, Johann Lamont rejected suggestions that Scotland is poised to gain a huge economic advantage over its neighbouring region, in return for voting ‘no’ to independence.

Instead, Ms Lamont urged people in the North-East not to believe “propaganda” about extra powers and riches heading to Edinburgh, saying: “We shouldn’t let people divide us.”

However, she risked controversy by rejecting a review of the much-criticised Barnett Formula, which delivers much higher public spending to Scotland than to the North of England.

Ms Lamont said: “I believe it has served us well. There is no desire to get rid of the Barnett Formula.”)

Scotland is a nation, a country. Not a region. You would think the leader of “Scottish Labour” would know that. If we were just a region, why do we have a different legal system in Scotland? Why do we have our own parliament, of which she is a part of? Why do we have a different electoral system from the rest of the UK? The only thing that keeps Scotland in the UK was greedy men selling Scotland out for gold in 1707.

The myth that Scotland was in debt in 1707 is exactly that, a myth. Darian was privately funded by Scot’s nobles, not loans from others. When their investment didn’t work out for them they cashed in by selling their country to the neighbours from the south. No vote for the common people of the land was given. How very democratic. The Treaty of Union was signed behind closed doors, under fear that heads would roll in the streets if the public ever truly found out what was going on. No-one was told until it was done.

Regardless of how ever much is raised in Scotland through taxation, which has been higher than the rest of the UK in every 1 of the 33 GERS reports that have been released, we will always be a slave to Westminster in London. Let’s all forget that child poverty and food banks are on the rise here. Your gracious Labour leader has decided that although these pesky facts that affect the lives of the people, the Barnett formula will stay. So every cut in England’s public spending (NHS selloff) corresponds with a cut in Scotland’s block grant. Effectively FORCING PRIVATISATION of Scotland’s vital public services.

The leader of UK wide New Labour, Ed Milliband, has previously stated he will “Rule Like Thatcher”, anyone remember how well she looked after the working class and poorest in society? He also continually drones on about the squeeze the recession has caused the Middle Class. This is it. The working class, on which Labour was founded on to protect, have been sold out for ski holidays and a new car every 3 years.

This is why Scotland needs to vote #Yes.

This is why Nicola Sturgeon said at the SNP conference : “don’t vote no to stop the SNP, vote YES to reclaim the Labour party.”

(Holyrood has already won permission to issue “Braveheart bonds” for capital investment in roads, hospitals, schools and flood defences, with borrowing powers up from 500m to 2.2bn.)

I love the word “permission” here. It shows the derogatory view in which we are held.

(Meanwhile, the 30-year-old Barnett Formula gives Scotland 733 more per person than the much poorer North-East – a figure that has more than doubled from 361, in 2010-11. )

Actually it hasn’t. Scotland’s dwindling population due to emigration down south to find jobs has actually freed up those funds

(“Scotland will not be getting more money, it will simply be accountable for raising more of its money. I hope that dispels some myths.” )

It does Johann, it dispels the myth that Labour are the party of devolution that you like to brag about – even though she actually opposed it before it happened, cough cough.

(Asked for a referendum prediction, she said: “We are fighting for every single vote, but I’m optimistic that hope will triumph over grievance.” )

As are we Johann. Hope that Scotland can get rid of neo-liberal politicians. Hope that Scotland can undo the tireless work of successive New Labour and Tory Governments that have been slowly but surely dismantling the Welfare state. Hope that Scotland can finally be free to make her own choices. As Tommy Sheridan says #HopeOverFear


 Martin Sinclair

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