Better Together’s “positive” campaign

more jobs opertunities bt


The “positive case for the UK” begins with a billboard which states “more job opportunities for us as part of the UK” and “more powers for Scotland guaranteed”. Quite the change from Lord Robertson’s “cataclysmic” speech in America just recently.


Yes it seems the former NATO head believes the unknown “Forces of Darkness” ( a direct quote, he actually said that. Honestly, we’re talking about Scotland not Star Wars ) will be the loudest to cheer on September 19th 2014 if a YES vote is delivered. And here’s me thinking that the loudest cheer would be from the YES Campaign and all its associated member groups and individuals who helped persuade and actively voted for positive change. The truth is, this is no more than a bad attempt to bully Scotland into voting No. When questioned on Newsnight Scotland, his responses were, somewhat lacking in substance. (apologies, but was the only YouTube video of the interview there at present)


For instance, around 1:30 the Lord says “if you look up the word ‘Cataclysm’ in the dictionary, you’ll see that it says an event that has major repercussions and change.” WRONG. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as : A large-scale and violent event in the natural world. Sorry George, you’re not even 2 minutes into the interview and you’ve already misled viewers. If you’re willing to lie about the definition of a word (something it took me 30 seconds to disprove) what else are you actually willing to lie about?


Well back to the BT ad.


1st of all lets look at their claim about employment. So far they have not been able to clarify what jobs would be created. Something they demand from the Yes Campaign at every available opportunity. With the CBI behind it (supposedly represents 24,000 Scottish businesses, when there is only evidence to support that 80 are members of CBI in Scotland) Better Together seem to have this point nailed down. Infact they don’t. Since announcing that CBI (Confederation of British Industry ) are formally backing a “no” vote in September 3 businesses have left the organisation. It is also worth noting that – along with Standard Life – CBI opposed devolution in Scotland and the creation of the Scottish Parliament. Opposed the Calman Commission . Now opposes Independence without consulting its own members. So lets get this straight. I’m gonna grant CBI the benefit of the doubt here. Just because I can’t find any evidence of more than 80 members of Scottish businesses doesn’t mean that CBI doesn’t have 24,000. Fine. CBI has a total number of 240,000 members meaning by it’s own figures only 10% of its members are Scottish businesses and it couldn’t even be bothered to ask them what they believed would be right to do. Should they take a side in the debate, or should they remain neutral (just like most of its members business’ are).


Every now and again BT drag out some show pony on side with the Westminster Government to tell us that Independence will be bad for business. BP’s Bob Dudley made a personal statement saying he thinks the Scotland should vote no, all the while BP continue to invest in the North Sea and are currently involved in Shetland The company officially has no plans to move out of the North Sea and sees it as a headquarters for the next 40 years or so.


Shell also said Scotland should vote no citing business stability reasons. Well Shell operates in many areas of the world full of different tax regimes and regulations so the highly skilled, welcoming North Sea would not be a problem. Infact there have been something in the region of 16 changes to the fiscal and tax regime in the oil sector by the UK government in the last 10 years. Yip that sounds stable. Given that the Scottish government has pledged to give the stability to the oil sector to allow it to grow and achieve it’s potential. Shell’s position is baffling to say the least.

Its also worth noting that Shell cited the same “business stability” reasons when it supported Apartheid in South Africa. The morals of this company are questionable at best. Though the UK government gave millionaires tax cuts so obviously those same millionaires are going to support it.


2nd point : More Powers – This can only refer to the Scotland Act of 2012 which is still to take effect and won’t until April 2016. Funny how Westminster can immediately impose a bedroom tax for the poor but takes 4 years to hand over some reigns to Holyrood. Perhaps they’re hoping for a more favourable Unionist party to be in charge in Edinburgh? I know the Scottish elections aren’t until May, but really the amount of good things the current Scottish Government, the only 1 with a democratic majority in the entire UK, can do with this increase in powers is severely limited given that they’ll be rather busy fighting an election campaign as there will only be a month to go till the day.


As I say, the more powers bit can ONLY refer to these minute increases from the Scotland Act (2012) as Johann Lamont (one of the key figures of Better Together) is reported in the Northern Echo to have said : Instead, Ms Lamont urged people in the North-East not to believe “propaganda” about extra powers and riches heading to Edinburgh, saying: “We shouldn’t let people divide us.”


Are we to believe her or Better Together? I thought they were on the same team? If BT can’t get its own story straight then why should we believe anything they say??


But Better Together warned that its new campaign will be part of a series of adverts that point out the risks involved in leaving the UK in terms of Scottish jobs, pensions and losing the UK pound. “ (lifted from the Scotsman article.)


Leaving the UK – is actually dissolving a treaty. UK doesn’t exist after the treaty is dissolved.


The constant repetition of this “losing the pound” nonsense is frankly getting tiring.


If you have a positive case for the UK then make it, and make it truthful. I know that’s difficult for most politicians. Especially the failed Chancellor who flipped his house on numerous occasions all at the tax payers expense of course, was forced to pay back over claimed expenses and he was also in charge of looking after the UK economy when he allowed the casino type banking of London to crash and destroy the very thing his job was to protect. He now tells us that Scotland couldn’t survive economically on her own. Sorry Darling, but given your track record I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I don’t trust your maths.


Martin Sinclair



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